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Our Mission

Thrive: Excellence in Sport Performance was founded with a single goal, and that is to provide field tested, sport specific, functional mental training tools for athletes, teams and coaches who desire to achieve consistent Optimal Performances. If the field, court, track, mountain, or pool are the the places athletes strive to thrive, then mental toughness must be acknowledged as a key building block to success—Thrive believes that structured, personalized and sport specific mental training tools provide the keys to unlocking one’s Optimal Performance state. A Thriving Performance is available for all athletes who are willing to invest in themselves.

Mental toughness must be acknowledged as the first building block to success.

Our Approach

Thrive works to create individualized and position/event specific mental skills training programs for our clients. The key is teaching clients how to effectively prepare for, and successfully navigate, competitive challenges on a day to day basis. Having worked effectively with hundreds of collegiate student-athletes, pro soccer players, high school athletes, club soccer players, junior and senior national team athletes from a variety of sports over the years, I know this approach works. Thrive’s clients include college soccer teams, current professional soccer players, national team competitors in tennis and figure skating, college soccer players, elite level alpine skiers, nationally ranked badminton players, coaches, and high school athletes in a variety of sports. Thrive’s mental training programs are solidly based on theory and have been distilled down to practical applications for athletes.

Thrive’s unique approach in the field of performance enhancement stems from 20 years on the sidelines as a collegiate coach learning what tools athletes will actually use in the heat of battle. This valuable experience is blended with an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology, former personal training work, having played college soccer, having worked extensively in the physical therapy setting as exercise prescription specialist, and having achieved the comprehensive and rigorous Certified Mental Performance Consultant designation for The Association for Applied Sport Psychology. The CMPC program is the only nationally accredited certification for mental performance consultants in the world. Thrive’s forte is providing proven, sport and activity specific, field tested mental skills programs to athletes by creating practical and effective applications that work for coaches and athletes on their level. Learn more.

Field tested mental skills programs for thriving performances.

Derrek Falor

Derrek Falor

As a Certified Mental Performance Consultant of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and the Owner of Thrive, I fully believe that for mental skills programs to be effective, they must provide coaches and athletes with functional tools that will be used and easily applied to their respective sports. Over the last 25 years I have been working with teams and athletes helping them find ways to create thriving performances. Feel free to call 216.577.3637 or send a text message to connect to learn more.

Derrek Falor earned a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology from Western Washington University. He holds a United States Soccer Federation (USSF) ‘A’ License and is a member of the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA). Derrek is also a member and Certified Mental Performance Consultant of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (CMPC)—an international, multi-disciplinary, professional organization that offers certification to qualified professionals in the field of sport psychology. Certified Consultants of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology are backed by the highest standard for education, training, supervised practice, and are held to a superior code of ethics.

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