Excellence in Sport Performance

Thrive: Excellence in Sport Performance

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  • Reduce performance anxiety
  • Improve concentration
  • Learn how to effectively debrief
  • Increase and maintain motivation
  • Build self-confidence
  • Enhance imagery skills
  • Recover from injury
  • Apply Pre-training and Pre-competition routines

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Our Programs

Improving individual techniques, team routines and communication skills, or coaching leadership can all be accomplished on and off the field. Thrive provides services rooted in science based, Applied Sport Psychology techniques for all sports based on your unique needs and circumstance.

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We understand the value of self-reflection.

What Makes Thrive Different

At Thrive, the combination of Sport Specific Mental Skills Training and Applied Sport Psychology research form an Individualized Training Path for teams and athletes, created by a Certified Consultant, for each client—athlete or coach.

Thrive works to create personalized mental skills training programs tailored to specific strengths and weaknesses.

We customize our programs to the specifics of sport, age, skill level, and mental performance needs because not every athlete takes the same path.

Thrive’s holistic and science based sport-specific approach provides athletes and coaches the necessary tools required to enhance performances.

Thrive: Excellence in Sport Performance

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Do any of the following sound familiar? Connect to talk more about how working with a Certified Consultant in Applied Sport Psychology can support you in reaching your goals. “I don’t perform as well in games as I do in practices.” “My performance in big competitions is worse than in regular games.” “I have difficulty concentrating or frequently lose focus.” “I have difficulty recovering from mistakes.” “I’m coming back from an injury and don’t feel confident.” “I wish my performances were more consistent.” “I have a hard time coping with stress.”