Coach’s Mental Skills Training

Mental Skills Training Program for Excellence in Coaching Sport Performance.

Thrive Coach's Mental Skills Training

If you are a coach who desires to consistently get the most out of your athletes, then you must incorporate mental training into the physical work you have them do.

Imagine adding your very own mental skills coach to your staff who has run over 2,400 elite level training sessions, coached over 600 collegiate games, helped National Team and Pro athletes improve their games, prepared athletes for national and international competitions, and worked with over 500 different athletes across a variety of sports to optimize their performance. Raise your athlete’s confidence and improve their consistency with Thrive’s All Sport Mental Skills Training.

Which of these statements do you most identify with?

I become very frustrated with my athletes after they makes mistakes.
I lose confidence in our team when we are under pressure.
I tend to only look at the negatives.
I wish I could coach with the same relaxed confidence in games that I do in practice.
I feel like I might not be getting the best out of all my athletes.
I know I am a good coach but can’t seem to get my athletes to consistently be their best.​​

Raise your confidence and improve your consistency.

Coach's Mental Skills Training

  • Uncover the keys to handling pressure.
  • Master visualization strategies to help your athletes compete with focus and composure.
  • Learn how to increase confidence by developing personal strengths.
  • ​Develop position/event specific performance scripting exercises.
  • Receive a customized mental game plan based on your team’s needs.

Take your soccer game to new levels.

Coach's Program Includes

  1. Intake Assessment
    Thrive uses a specific, and proprietary assessment tool, (The 9 Mental Skills of Successful Athletes) to help identify what mental game barriers are hurting your athlete’s performance as well as to correctly identify their mental strengths.
  2. Personalized Mental Game Plan
    We will create a personalized game plan based on your specific challenges and goals as a program. The plan we create will act as a road-map for your mental training sessions.
  3. Weekly Mental Coaching Sessions
    In person, phone, or by Skype. Each session is designed to teach you how to apply functional mental strategies for practice and games. You will work directly with Derrek and learn how to improve your team’s mental toughness for both practices and competitions.
  4. Unlimited Email Correspondence
    You are welcome to email/text Derrek with any and all questions you have during the course of your mental training program.
  5. Custom Modules: Exercises 
    After each session, you will receive exercises specific to the topic discussed that day. You will be expected to apply these strategies between our sessions in order to further your team’s growth.

Repeated Optimal Performance leads to excellence.

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