Camille Beatty

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Camille Beatty

As a Sales Performance Consultant of Thrive, Camille Beatty is a proven sales leader with a diverse background leading sales organizations in both start-up and large corporate environments in the Healthcare and Cloud-based Software Industries. Feel free to call 216.496.3420 or send a text message to connect.

Camille drives exponential sales results through authentic leadership, coaching, teamwork, business acumen, and balanced risk-taking. She delivers consistent successful outcomes by creating a purpose driven environment developing engaged and successful team members, all based on a platform of process and meritocracy. She has a singular ability to quickly assess multiple variables and use them to design and implement a strategic solution meeting the needs of both the company and the customer. Camille Beatty Falor thrives in and contributes to a collaborative culture targeted at organizational success and business leadership.

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